Re-evaluating and redefining your school improvement strategies

Expert insights for school and district leaders

Creating the conditions for success - In this series of three interviews, our two experts share their latest thoughts and experiences on how school and district leaders are, against the backdrop of the pandemic, re-evaluating and redefining how they go about school improvement.

  • Just how much impact can schools achieve with a quality school review?
  • How can schools upgrade their assessment methodology to help  increase the effectiveness of learning for all students?
  • How do schools enhance learning recovery, tackle inequities, and bolster community partnerships through collaboration?


Interview extracts

The following extracts will give you  a flavour of the topics being explore by Kathryn and Mike. For access to the full interviews, please submit the form above.

Assessing learning and learning gaps

Filling the gaps in state assessment data and embedding more holistic approaches to assessing learning.

Leveraging real value from school review

Assessing high quality learning, supporting change, and prioritizing key initiatives.

Acceleration not remediation

Collaborating across stakeholders on instructional vision, level-setting and the development of a more cohesive, intentional school culture.

About the presenters

Mike Jolley: Over the last 20 years, Mike has worked at and consulted for schools, districts, education funders, and afterschool, college and career readiness, and other youth-serving organizations to improve systems and practices that most impact young people.

His expertise includes school and program quality, professional learning for educators and leaders, program management and design, non-profit governance, outcomes measurements and data, strategic partnerships, and organizational change.


Kathryn Short: Kathryn is a Learning and Development leader with nearly 20 years of experience working in some of the most diverse zip codes in the country.

She specializes in leading improvement and spearheading reviews of effectiveness for educational programs. With a proven record of using data to drive meaningful results that impacted outcomes, Kathryn simultaneously transformed a failing school and built an instructional coaching and professional development model that resulted in high teacher transfer.

“Class Measures staff have gone above and beyond to work alongside our schools, ensuring that schools are leading the process and that the work aligns to each school's unique student population and priority goals. The collaboration has been an extremely positive experience for school-leadership and staff.”

Suzy Kontos, Director of teaching and Learning at Clover Park School District

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