Power-up language learning with dynamic co-teaching  

Recorded March 2019.

In this one hour session our English Language and Equity school improvement experts provide an introduction to co-teaching approaches that provide successful entry for English learners, at all levels and in varying content areas. Using specific case study references from teaching practitioners, we explore the ways that focused, effective and good value-for-money implementation of co-teaching strategies can significantly improve language learner outcomes. The session provides clear examples of how well organized and effectively implemented co-teaching can meet the needs of highly diverse classrooms.

Your presenters:

Jo Cheadle, Vice President, Class Measures
Passionate educator with deep knowledge of US education, working in more than 20 states. Vast leadership experience, specializing in school and district transformation, and equitable access for diverse student populations. Confident and articulate. Team builder. Team Leader. Strategic and divergent thinker.

Amy Proulx, EL Specialist, Class Measures 
Highly experienced team leader, coach, coordinator and mentor. Successfully developed and facilitated professional development sessions on topics ranging from writing ELD objectives and integrating with content to analyzing student work to inform practice and targeted supports.